About Me


i’m kelly, and this is where i’m supposed to tell you something cool about myself, so instead here’s some stuff.


i started this blog when we returned from our honeymoon in 2009.

since then, we’ve renovated and sold a house, traveled various places, struggled with starting a family, had two boys (2012 and 2014) and a little girl (2016).

i’m a wife, a stay-at-home mom, a full-time graduate student, a part-time teacher at a local university, and an interior designer — in more simple terms, you could just say i’m tired.

i love dr pepper, and i would argue that there is nothing that pairs better with chocolate than dr pepper.

my favorite food group is without a doubt carbs. and cinnabon. can that be a food group?

i never had a rebellious phase, getting my cartilage pierced was about as wild as i got. you are welcome, mom.

i’m the youngest of 4, and clearly the most normal person in my family.

i’m quiet before i know you, but then i talk a lot.

i’m a fan of sarcasm.

i’m imperfect and in need of a savior.

i enjoy writing when i have the time.

i hope you enjoy reading, and/or photos of my kids, my family, and my design work.